1. The Uno for MC

    Saint Crispin’s Model 530T in BCK 058

  2. Saint Crispin’s Model 505

    INC 999

    For PK

  3. Creased and worn, abused, boned, polished, re-laced, bulled and bulled again.

    Saint Crispin’s Crust Leather with age.

    Trunk Show with Phillip Car on today.

  4. Well worn model 205

    Saint Crispin’s Trunk Show today and tomorrow

  5. Saint Crispin’s

    This coming Tuesday and Wednesday - April 1 & 2 - we are happy to welcome back Phillip Car from Saint Crispin’s in Vienna. Taking orders for custom last shoes and boots, Phillip will be on hand to review previous orders and advise on new styles.

    Appointments can be made by emailing info@thearmoury.com

  6. Saint Crispin’s for The Armoury

    Trunk Show Hong Kong April 1 & 2

  7. Before and After

    Saint Crispin’s hand stained crust leather, polished and worn, worn and polished. The variation in colour, and the small marks and scratches that come inevitably make for a base colour that can be polished up to an amazing patina.

    Trunk Show in Hong Kong - April

  8. When asked to quantify what I like about Saint Crispin’s shoes this morning, I realised that it had nothing to do with style, nothing about the sharpness of line or elegance or sophistication. Rather, it is a solidity, a reassuring heft of a shoe that can take all of my not insubstantial weight and remain true to it’s original last.

    Constructed in the classic Austro-Hungarian style, with full and heavy Redenbach soles, and firm counters that run thr entirity of the shoe, the uppers on Saint Crispin’s stay as shaped through the waist and neat in the heel as new throughout their long lives. They are an example of over-engineering at its best, a shoe made to be worn and worn, and to live a long life between resolings.

    Now with two design collaborations on their books - Koji Suzuki of Spigola Kobe, and myself at The Armoury - the range of models available has grown to include a host of classic models that marry classic English shoe making with their beautiful make.

    Today and tomorrow, Phillip Car of Saint Crispin’s will be in Drake’s of London on Clifford Street, taking orders and measurements for custom shoes, and presenting the first ready to wear range by Saint Crispin’s that has been designed by Koji Suzuki. In the image above I am wearing the 5 eyelet Derby that Koji has designed, made upon my custom last.

    Whether it is for yourself, or a gift for someone well deserving this Christmas, if you are in London take the time to meet Phillip and my partner in crime Mark, and get some shoes made that will travel a long way down the road with you.

  9. Buttoned

    Saint Crispin’s Button Boots

    Custom Made at The Armoury

  10. Chinos and Blazer