Hong Kong「Winter Weights」LEICA M [240]・LEICA SUMMARIT 75mm f2.5 by ethandesu
Tomorrow is Totore’s birthday, and there a few people I love more than this man. Seven months my junior, born a world away, he is anyway my brother.
The industry we work in is hard - it is vain, narcissistic, cliquey, quick to pass judgement, yet throughout it all, I have known few as loyal as Toto, nobody quicker to give me words of encouragement, a stick to beat those black dogs away.
So on his birthday, I wish I was in Napoli to treat this man to dinner, to remind him that more than talent, more than chance, his dedication to his work has made him someone exceptional. If nothing more, it has made him my brother, although I know it has made him much more than that.
Totore - I will eat a burger for you tomorrow, with extra mayo, and look forward to seeing you again soon. Happy birthday, mio fratello.
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Salvatore Ambrosi

I am privileged to have had the last few years working with, learning from and laughing uproariously in the company of Totore. He really is like a brother.

Ambrosi in Manila
Trunk Show Today and Tomorrow
Ambrosi Whites for Summer
Trunk Show Manila March 30 & 31
Trunk Show Hong Kong June 10 & 11
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Salvatore Ambrosi and The Armoury
Trunk Shows coming up;
Manila with Lost + Found and The Armoury - May 30 & 31
Hong Kong at The Armoury - June 10 & 11
Pantalone Ambrosi Napoli
Salvatore will be back in Hong Kong taking appointments for fittings and new orders of his trousers this April 10, 11 & 12. Email info@thearmoury.com for bookings.
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Salvatore Ambrosi
Ambrosi Trunk Show at Duane Street, New York
Salva in Esposito
Hawaii December ‘13
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