1. Pantalone Ambrosi Napoli

    Salvatore will be back in Hong Kong taking appointments for fittings and new orders of his trousers this April 10, 11 & 12. Email info@thearmoury.com for bookings.

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  2. Salvatore

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  3. Salvatore Ambrosi

    Ambrosi Trunk Show at Duane Street, New York

  4. Salva in Esposito

    Hawaii December ‘13

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  5. Double Pleats

    Double pleat trousers by Salvatore Ambrosi Naples.

    New York Trunk Show December 13 & 14

    The Armoury New York

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  6. a doppio

    Panico and Ambrosi - Naples Su Misura

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  7. Waistcoat

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  8. Casual vs Formal

  9. Birdcage

  10. Grainy film in Firenze

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