1. Rubies for Christmas

    Spigola by Koji Suzuki

    Trunk Show begins tomorrow

  2. The Lazy Man

    Spigola by Koji Suzuki

  3. Short Wing

    Spigola by Koji Suzuki

  4. Grain and Texture

    Fox Flannels and Koji Suzuki

  5. Adelaide’s and Chalk Stripes -

    A perfect Winter pairing

    Koji Suzuki and Fox Flannel

  6. Adelaide

  7. Planning for Winter

    Koji Suzuki and Fox Flannels

  8. Spigola by Koji Suzuki

  9. Soles

    Spigola by Koji Suzuki

  10. Death from Above

    Great design, in my experience, need not be revolutionary. There needn’t be grand sweeping changes, or abstractions from what is familiar. Often it is more about refining the details, taking what is tried and tested, and making each line a little smoother, each curve a little more balanced.

    In this sense, I see Koji Suzuki as one of the great shoe designers working today. His designs don’t offer anything too unusual or new, but rather he takes what we know and makes it that little bit better.

    Spigola by Koji Suzuki for The Armoury