Full Straps
Uetam Loafers by Carmina for The Armoury
New York Trunk Show on now
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Braided Suede
Uetam Last by Carmina for The Armoury
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Black Braided Tassels
There is something I love about a black loafer for winter, for grey cashmere socks and flannel trousers, for a charcoal tweed jacket and white jeans, for black cords and an oatmeal cashmere cable knit.
There is something slightly preppy, but also slightly finger snapping and cool about black loafers. With dark selvedge denim and white button down.
There is something I really love about winter.
The Uetams
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Double Monks
Inca Last Double Monks with Plain Toe
Carmina for The Armoury
Elegant Winter Calf
The Uetam Full Strap Loafer in Marron Calf
Carmina for The Armoury
The Uetam Full Strap Loafer in Green Suede
Carmina for The Armoury
The 748 Cap Toe Derby in Cognac Cordovan
Carmina for The Armoury
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Carmina Robert Last Cap Toes
$4250 HKD
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Carmina Suede and Goma
Rain Last Cap Toe Oxford with Dainite Soles
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