1. Caid Tailor - Tokyo Japan

    From the moment you step through the door to Yuhei Yamamoto’s little slice of American 50’s tailoring, you are enveloped in his world. Doris Day records spin and crackle, and Mr Yamamoto himself greets you with a handshake and a handsome smile that is all old school American charm.

    Creating suits based on his studies of vintage Brooks Brothers sack suits, the Caid house cut shares quite a lot of D.N.A. with the Liverano coat I wear. Shoulders are soft and round, long rolling three buttons that skip over the first button and fasten at the middle. Dartless fronted, the classic sack suit, or Brooks Brothers No.1, has the same construction with the Florentine style - undarted, single piece front panels with a single dart extending from under the arm scye to the pocket. But where the Fiorentina cut it neat and waisted, Yuhei lets it fall more full, and the Italian penchant for short coats is replaced by longer styles.

    There is something between Frank Sinatra and Steve McQueen in the tailoring, with his custom trouser waist being belted with a self cloth belt, cuffs being finished with two broadly spaced buttons. A tweed jacket in brown herringbone, pateched at the elbows and worked to be an exact replica of the sportcoat McQueen wore in Bullit lays on his large cutting table, draped over someone’s paper pattern.

    Make no mistake, Tailor Caid is no fashion brand - what Mr Yamamoto does is Bespoke tailoring at it’s very foundation. But, with a house style and clarity of vision as precise as his, you get a product that is cohesive and consistant.

     平日 月~土曜日 11:00~20:00
     定休日 木曜日、第2・4 日曜日
     TEL&FAX 03-6685-1101
     Email : caid@khaki.plala.or.jp

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