Hong Kong「Armourer No. 3」 LEICA M9・LEICA SUMMICRON 50mm f2  by ethandesu
living-in-yes asked:

I have enjoyed and respected you on tumblr. Hope all is well and wish you all the best in whatever lies ahead.

Thank you.

coolslyfox asked:

Dear Mister Newton, I'm an artist from Switzerland, would it be fine for you if I would take one of your portrait photograph as a reference? I will not sell it or post it anywhere, it only will be for practise! I already have made a pencil drawing of Mister Christian Kimber, he loved it! I'm a follower of your site because I love your mens wear and shoes, I wish our men in Switzerland would dress as classy as you and your team does! I'm sad you will leave the Armoury, I wish you all the best!

Absolutely - I am constantly impressed and inspired by the work of artists from around the world - people that can do with a pencil what I cannot achieve with a camera, people that can express with a single stroke what would take me pages of words. I will be watching keenly to see what you do.


turkeyhunter asked:

Very best of luck in your future ventures. I was wondering if you'll be continuing the tumblr page or will that cease?

Thank you - leaving what I have done these last few years at The Armoury, and a business I am very proud of, is something I never wanted to do. So much of the past few years on tumblr is tied up with this business, but then so much is not. Tumblr has always been my personal voice in a collective of people who so often differ, and that will remain. To lose this creative outlet as well as my place in such a dynamic business would not be welcome.

But new things arise - in collaboration with my good friend Shinichi “Hobby” Izaki, we have formed a Leica Photographic Collective - EPM. I am excited to have my very uneducated photography alongside the likes of one of Tokyo’s best young photographers, the creative force behind KiksTyo, and a cracking DJ. I hope EPM will grow in time, with more photographers and a greater scope of voices. Stay tuned.

Hong Kong「Shoot」 LEICA M [240]・LEICA SUMMARIT 75mm f2.5  by ethandesu
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Hong Kong「Triple Profile in The Armoury」
LEICA M [240]・Canon 50mm 0.95 TV Lens
by ethandesu

EPM International Photographic Collective
Hong Kong「Formal Feet」 LEICA M MONOCHROM・LEICA SUMMICRON 50mm f2 Close Focus (1966) by ethandesu

Hong Kong「English Drape」
LEICA M [240]・LEICA SUMMARIT 75mm f2.5 
by ethandesu

Yellow Zone
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Opaque  by  andbamnan